Welcome to this experimental blog, wherein for the next 6 months I am going to be logging in my experiences about remodeling my home, ranging from the smallest tasks to the biggest ones, including tiling and installation of cabinets and what not!

What with the demands of the wife and the budget, its going to be one hell of a ride, and I would like you guys to join us and also be able to take some tips and tricks or even be inspired to do the same!



What Renovations Improve Home Value The Most?

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The real estate market is extremely competitive and to get a reasonable price for the sale of your house you need to do some renovation work that can in boost the value of your home. There are however, some renovations that will not add any value to your home and might actually make your less appealing to potential buyer. It is therefore extremely important to know which renovations are valuable and necessary. Here is brief but detailed rundown of some key renovations that will come in handy in increasing the value of your home so that you can appeal to potential buyers who are ready to spend generously.

Strategic Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations should be your priority if you are looking to increase the value of your home. This is because the kitchen is vital part of the home and families spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. “Start with upgrading appliances to ensure every appliance in the upgraded kitchen is the latest stainless steel appliances and also install a new counter top that is made from the latest engineered stone or granite that is preferred by potential home owners. These changes may be simple but they actually go a long way in improving the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen space.” says real estate investing expert Terry Paranych. Other small detailed additions to the kitchen can also significantly boost the visual appeal of a kitchen; for instance replacing door knob on cabinets and putting new sparkling faucet for the kitchen sink can make a great change. Another great kitchen upgrade that you should consider is adding space to your kitchen by connecting the kitchen either to a den or living room. A spacious kitchen is great addition to any home.

Kitchen renovation

Revamping The Washroom Area

A crudely designed, cracked and dirty washroom area is an instant turn off to potential home buyers. On the other hand a well designed, eye catching and practical kitchen can make your home appeal to many potential buyers. Some great renovations that will make a great change include adding a window into the bathroom that can add light into the washroom area. An extra window may just be what you need to add natural light and create a feel of space into your washroom area. Other simple renovations such as glazing the bathtub and rather than a complete replacement are affordable and can improve the look of you bathroom significantly.

Consider Going Green

Green housing is a trend that is rapidly becoming popular for many potential home owners so consider making renovations that make your home greener. Such renovations include making your energy consumption in your home more efficient. You can easily do this by making small renovations like installing storm doors in every rooms and installing a ceiling fan in all rooms. Consult with a real estate agent and green renovation expert to come up with green renovation projects that can raise the value of your home.

Remodeling The Basement

Basement remodels boosts the value of your home because if executed flawlessly it can increase the usable square footage. Remodeling your basement will make it more spacious hence appealing to potential buyers who are looking for a spacious home that has functional basement space.

renovated basement

Consider Replacing Your Front Door

A front door is arguably the most used door in a home and hence it is extremely vulnerable to wear and tear. Since it is first thing that strikes the glance of a potential buyer and creates lasting impression it needs to be flawless in terms of functionality and visual appeal. It is advisable to go for a front door that is made from high-quality steel which curbs appeal and also creates an impression of safety. Simply replacing the front door can give a new feel to a home

Consider Investing in a Reliable Sprinkler System

Although some owners don’t want the hassle of maintaining a stunning and landscaped garden, you can be sure that every potential home owner is attracted to a beautiful lawn with green grass. Consider installing a sprinkler system that automatically turns on and off because this will allow the buyer to easily maintain a great lawn without too much effort.

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Tips to give your roof a long life

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Installing our new roof was a costly project, however, it cannot be avoided when the need arises. The role the roof plays in protecting our family as well as boosting the curb appeal and value of our home is critical. Since a new roof a huge investment, as  homeowners we must protect it.

Even if your roof has seen better days, you can keep in good condition, prolong its life and prevent premature replacement through proper maintenance.

We thought we should share these tips on how to keep your roof in top shape and extend its lifespan:

roof cleaning

Clean the Gutters

Clogged gutters can result in water overflowing the gutters leading to extensive damage to fascia boards, siding and foundation or cause the growth of mold. Water backing up in the gutters will leave the water with no other place to go besides up on the roof destroying the underlying sheathing and rafters damaging the roof. You will spend thousands of dollars in roof repairs or replacement to fix a problem you could have easily prevented by cleaning out your gutters. Grab a ladder and clear your gutter or hire someone

Clean leaves off your roof

When leaves fall from overhang branches onto your roof and pile up, they start to accumulate water which causes the shingles below to rot. The leaves normally collect along the roof valleys and around the chimneys. The leaves may look harmless but once they pile up and start absorbing moisture and decomposing they will cause the roofing underneath the shingles also to rot causing leaks.

Clean the leaves off your roof using a roof leaf rake, a blower if the leaves are dry, or a garden hose if the leaves have accumulated deep and wet. Do use pressure washers they might force water up the shingles.

Eliminate Moss

You will find most roof shingles in warm and humid areas covered with a black mold-like substance. This is actually blue-green algae, it looks ugly on your roof but is actually harmless. You can eliminate by spray washing with a solution of bleach and water.

Moss, on the other hand, can be very damaging to your roof. It accumulates moisture and water which causes the shingles to be constantly wet. This can lead to rotting of the shingles and the underlying wood. You must kill the moss and remove them before they cause your roof to leak, this can be very expensive to fix.

To kill the moss use potassium salt based products rather than the hazardous zinc sulfate formulas. Target the areas where the moss is growing and keep the chemicals away from the drain.

Prevent the growth of moss by installing zinc strips near the top of the roof. The runoff from the zinc strips will kill the moss. This much more environmentally friendly compared to lining the roof with pesticides.

Trim Dangerously Hanging Branches

Dangerously hanging tree branches can cause serious damage to your roof. According to long island tree services the branches can come in contact with your shingles and scratch or gouge them out especially during a storm. Rodents also use the overhang branches to access your roof and cause damage. Trimming the tree branches will keep rodents away and prevent roof damage. Hire a professional tree removal company to assess the trees around your property, trim and remove any dangerous lying trees.

Prevent Ice Dams

The winter season comes with a lot of snow which buildups on your roof. Ice dams which come as a result of snowmelt are your roof’s worst enemy. Without proper insulation ice dams will damage your roof and the interior as well. Ice dams normally form when the attic heats up and warms the roof making the snow melt.

The quick solution is to rake the snow off safely from the ground. Avoid shoveling or chiseling the ice dam away this is dangerous and could damage your roof. You can also cool down the attic using a box fan.

The solution is to properly insulate the living space and ensure there are vents between the sheathing and the insulation to take away any heat leakages.

We hope these tips will keep our roof and yours in top shape and ensure it lasts for a lifetime.

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Transforming My Master Bedroom into a Master Suite

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I finally decided to transform my master bedroom into a master suite. I have to confess after a vacation at the five-star hotel I needed to feel like was always on vacation. The master bedroom remodel was the perfect project to create the vacation mood.

Since my home a little old I needed to create additional space to expand and remodel the master bedroom. That meant extending the master bedroom into the adjacent bedroom. This would technically reduce the number of bedrooms in my house to two but I was willing to live with that. Merging the two bedrooms to create a master suite was the only option I had. I talked to a local contractor about and he came up with a design. The project required the demolition of a few walls, he recommended one demolition company and I managed to visit their website.

We stormed over a few ideas for remodeling the bathroom and how to make use of the extra space. The following are the ideas we came up with for the master bedroom remodel.

Personalizing the Space

After determining the exact size of the master suite, we had to think about how to utilize it perfectly. We all have our own ideas about luxury, but I wanted the ultimate master suite. Some people may want a gym, separate closet, dressing sections, walk-in showers. I knew exactly what I wanted, pure luxury large bed, a master bath combination of free-standing standing tub plus walk-in showers and everything else I had experienced at the five star hotel.

Timeless Remodel

We discussed with interior designer and we settled on a timeless remodel design for the master suite. A design that would stand the test of time. What I need was flow and comfort with seamless access transitions towards the master bath and the rest of the suite. We decided to create flexible spaces that could be transformed based on the circumstances.



The main highlight of the master suite project was the planning of the custom accessories for the remodel. I wanted everything as I had visualized at the five-star hotel. It was going to be the perfect honeymoon suite. My master suite would have a mini bar where I would enjoy some romantic dinner and wine. It would be complete without a fireplace. It was going to cost a fortune but that is the price I was willing to pay for pure luxury right at home.

This was a worthy investment for me. Every day I get to enjoy this never ending vacation in my master suite. A luxury master suite is exactly what I needed and my wife loves it!

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Hi there, it has been awhile, so I finally decided to replace my roof. Yes, it is a project I have been postponing for a while but after my wife convinced me to have a professional contractor inspect my roof I was convinced that it had to be done. The roof is a big investment so I wanted it done right, so we got down to it.

  • Protecting the Property

We first started by ensuring that the whole property was protected as the roof replacement exercise was being done. We protected the walls, siding and plants using plywood and tarps.

Removal of the worn out roofing material

Secondly, for us to inspect the wood decking, we totally removed all the old shingles.

  • Inspecting the roof

A thorough examination of the wood decking is critical before starting any roof replacement exercise. Any degenerating wood that could affect the support structure of the roof was removed. Since we were replacing the old shingles we had to ensure the roof has a solid base for laying the shingles intact.

We checked the correct attachment of the roof rafters to wood sheeting. According to the Downers Grove roofing company, during the removal of old roofing material most people forget to check for missing nails. We, therefore, re-nailed the wood decking prior to installing the new shingles to secure the roof fully.

  • Roof Surface Preparation for laying Shingles

Once the wood decking was installed correctly we installed drip edge all around the roof edges to prevent the rain water from getting beneath the roofing material.

Next we installed a special roofing underlayment shield against ice and water to prevent leaks. This material must be installed at the roof bottom and other areas such chimneys, flanges, and other roof penetrations.

Finally before laying the new shingles we installed a heavy duty roofing felt to cover the roof and prevent the wood and shingles from sticking.

  • Installing the new Roof

Having prepared the roofing surfaces adequately, we proceeded to layout the new roofing shingles.

  • Cleaning up the Site

We cleaned the site and got rid of all the old shingles and other roofing materials that were lying around.

  • Post roofing Inspection

After completing the whole roof replacement project, the contractor and I carried out a final inspection to ensure that the project was done correctly and my wife and I were truly satisfied. We eager for the next project, until next time!

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So, I bought a house.

bathroom-1-editAnd with buying the house, which cost me a bomb (Just by the way), I realized that I did not have the money or the patience to deal with designers or the architects swarming about my house. I decided that I am going to record each and every project of mine for those of the many who are trying this and would like some help along the way or even suggestions to make it better and maybe cheaper! Renovation of the bathroom was the first task on my list of many, many friends of mine told me that it was the secret weapon of any house, the one area which would be your own corner, for you to just enjoy some minutes of peace and tranquility every single day.

Since my wife and me are very passionate about gardening and flowers, we thought that we could transform the bathroom into one that would depict the same and also ward off the smell. First things first, we had to buy a bath, which was in our opinion should be one which can fit 2 comfortably, and also have a waterfall shower, in addition to which we also wanted to fit in a double sink for our smooth and easy mornings! Having bought the required installments and fixtures, the next step was to install them with the tiles.

renovate-a-bathroom-567x384-on-interiorpictureWe had purchased pastel color tiles, so my first installation was the tiles, which required me to apply the cement with the bonding agent and then place the tiles accordingly, and the tiles which had to be cornered off, had to be one with a drill and that was one hell of a experience which should be done with extreme caution.

Once the tiles were dried and in position, the next task was to install the bath, we had purchased an independent bath, and that required a lot of plumbing, in the sense that the pipe had to be re-routed and made into one for a better flow of water, and also set it with the heater system.

Once that was done, my wife decorated the place with lots of flowers and potpourri, and also a basket with some towels and lotions etc. All in all, just make sure that when you are renovating your bathroom, buy the right tiles that are the best fit for you, be it vitrified or even marble ones. Be vary of the drill and also start with the plumbing only when the water has been cut off, else you will face a flooded living room, and trust me, its not fun at all.

Chao! Check in with my next project soon!

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