I found this article on a Bournemouth cleaning blog but thought it kind of relates to the work I’m doing and the importance of appearances and the emotional aspect of house buying. I should have my next project post up tomorrow or the next day.

“The house you call home is perhaps the biggest and most important investment that you have made in your lifetime. Renovating or improving the condition of your house increases its market value.

Every property owner wants to know the current value of his or her house. There are some basic things that you can do by yourself to add value to your property while others may need the help of a contractor. To estimate the value of your property, check out the value of similar houses either through agents or online. Alternatively hire a professional surveyor or agent to get the exact value of your house.

We have outlined the following tips for your consideration to add value to your property:


You would imagine that this is a self-explanatory idea, however, to some property owners this point must be emphasized. As the owner of the property, you can determine the value of your house by ensuring it is in good condition. The simplest and cheapest way to keep your property in good condition is to clean it.

Cleaning your house or rental property improves the condition making it more attractive to would-be buyers or tenants. Nobody is looking for a messy home so do the right and clean it. Consider hiring a cleaning service at least once a week, it is a small investment that can generate huge returns when you want to sell or rent out your property. UK residents can seek professional cleaning services in Bournemouth to ensure their property is kept spotless.

A clean property will make a good first impression and could boost the value of the property. Cleaning applies to both the interior and exterior of the house. Ensure lawns are mowed and the yard is clean.

Remodeling the house

You can do both minor and major remodeling of your house to boost its value before renting it out or selling. You consult a real estate agent to make honest recommendations about the flaws of the house that need to be looked at. You need to understand the mind of buyers or tenants to know what sort of house they demand.

The usual rooms that are the point focus when it comes to remodeling include the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms. Remodeling also involves the addition of rooms such as a bathroom or basements. Consult a contractor and get a quote on the cost of the house remodeling. The living room, kitchen, and bathrooms are the most recommended areas for remodeling according to real estate agents. They make up the most integral parts of your home since your family, friends and guests will spend a lot of time in them.

The house remodeling must go hand in hand with the kind of neighborhood you the property is situated. Invest reasonably in the remodeling to ensure you get a return on the investment. There are lots of other remodeling projects you could do both interior and exterior of the house such as adding a parking and so much more.”

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