Wide_array_of_lampsOur home had been slowly but steadily shaping into our dream house, and now it was time to install the intricate details that could not be ignored.The one aspect that my wife and me both agreed was that the living room had to have an air of sophistication and class. Hence, we agreed upon the installation of pot lights, since we had already built special molds and raised ceilings; we thought it was only right that we could have such yellow lights that would be very soothing in the night.

I browsed through many kinds, designs and colors, according to the price and the durability of many, and I decided upon a mix of traditional pot lights and some filament lights as well which would give the entire place a very traditional yet modern feel. I approached many stores looking for discount, and be vary because you can actually score high discounts on these, as filament bulbs are cheaper in consideration. You can even customize a filament bulb, wherein you can ask for a particular design for the filament to be molded into, as a surprise, I got my wife’s initials molded into one. (Beware: Makes for a wonderful present!)

Anyway, once I purchased the needed bulbs, wiring and switchboards, I had to call upon an electrician, because this was way beyond my hands and I would advise you to do the same, it won’t so heavy on the pocket and will save you a lot of time which would have gone into potential researching or even a trip to the emergency room. The pot lights were installed with an automatic sensor touch switchboard, wherein if anyone would enter the said room, it would light up automatically and the entire board could also be operated by the clapping of hands, if there was one clap it signaled “Switch on”, two claps would mean “Alternative Switch” and so on. The technology is absolutely brilliant and if you are ready to spend that much, in terms of a long-term investment, might as well take the plunge today!
My wife is also extremely happy with the way it turned out to be, and I am happy about the cost that was saved, because all in all, including the electricians fees, the entire cost amounted to 2000 dollars only, which if I hired a decorator would have definitely cost way more. A few tips to keep in mind, always research your product and design, have a look at potential products and the prices, compare the same and then approach a professional who could fit it in for you, as you can always save cost by purchasing the products yourself and trying to score some discount when bought in bulk! Hope you guys have fun installing lights, and if you have tried something new and unique, please do share it with me, I love experimenting and would be open to trying it out as well!
Have a wonderful weekend!