So, finally the end of the project is here.

Newly_renovated_kitchen_with_hardwood_floorI had to refinish the hardwood floors for the home and had to complete the following steps:

Sand off the old finish
To do the same, I rented a walk behind floor sander that would rotate and sand off the old finish and actually collect it in a dust bag so as to not create a mess off it. Also, the cost of renting isn’t really that much but you can use a hand held sander for the same effect as well.

Dust from molds, ducts and walls.
Next, an extremely important stuff is to clean the dust from all the molds, ducts and walls. This can be done by a vacuum or even just wiping the same by a damp cloth. Once done, it’s important to clean the floors again to keep it spick and span.

The final finish!

The last step is the finish, which is dependent on the kind of look you would want for your floors; – Polyurethane. Varnish or Penetrating Sealer. You can buff the floors with a steel wool, vacuum and wipe the floor again. Post which you can apply a double coat of the chosen type.

wood-floor-polyurethane-qnaf6pbkI chose the matt varnish because that’s the kind of look that suited my home and design and was cheaper to all the other alternatives. The entire ordeal took us an entire time of 2 days, because we had to seal off the entire floor, and also had to make sure it was done efficiently as well. All in all, I am extremely pleased with the final product because it has a very classy look and looks put together. If you feel you are not up for this project, its always fun to ask a couple of friends, get some chips and dip and make it a fun activity/experience that you could have and also its obviously easier on the pocket rather than hiring professional help.

Try it yourself and let me know what was your experience!