So, I bought a house.

bathroom-1-editAnd with buying the house, which cost me a bomb (Just by the way), I realized that I did not have the money or the patience to deal with designers or the architects swarming about my house. I decided that I am going to record each and every project of mine for those of the many who are trying this and would like some help along the way or even suggestions to make it better and maybe cheaper! Renovation of the bathroom was the first task on my list of many, many friends of mine told me that it was the secret weapon of any house, the one area which would be your own corner, for you to just enjoy some minutes of peace and tranquility every single day.

Since my wife and me are very passionate about gardening and flowers, we thought that we could transform the bathroom into one that would depict the same and also ward off the smell. First things first, we had to buy a bath, which was in our opinion should be one which can fit 2 comfortably, and also have a waterfall shower, in addition to which we also wanted to fit in a double sink for our smooth and easy mornings! Having bought the required installments and fixtures, the next step was to install them with the tiles.

renovate-a-bathroom-567x384-on-interiorpictureWe had purchased pastel color tiles, so my first installation was the tiles, which required me to apply the cement with the bonding agent and then place the tiles accordingly, and the tiles which had to be cornered off, had to be one with a drill and that was one hell of a experience which should be done with extreme caution.

Once the tiles were dried and in position, the next task was to install the bath, we had purchased an independent bath, and that required a lot of plumbing, in the sense that the pipe had to be re-routed and made into one for a better flow of water, and also set it with the heater system.

Once that was done, my wife decorated the place with lots of flowers and potpourri, and also a basket with some towels and lotions etc. All in all, just make sure that when you are renovating your bathroom, buy the right tiles that are the best fit for you, be it vitrified or even marble ones. Be vary of the drill and also start with the plumbing only when the water has been cut off, else you will face a flooded living room, and trust me, its not fun at all.

Chao! Check in with my next project soon!