Hi there, it has been awhile, so I finally decided to replace my roof. Yes, it is a project I have been postponing for a while but after my wife convinced me to have a professional contractor inspect my roof I was convinced that it had to be done. The roof is a big investment so I wanted it done right, so we got down to it.

  • Protecting the Property

We first started by ensuring that the whole property was protected as the roof replacement exercise was being done. We protected the walls, siding and plants using plywood and tarps.

Removal of the worn out roofing material

Secondly, for us to inspect the wood decking, we totally removed all the old shingles.

  • Inspecting the roof

A thorough examination of the wood decking is critical before starting any roof replacement exercise. Any degenerating wood that could affect the support structure of the roof was removed. Since we were replacing the old shingles we had to ensure the roof has a solid base for laying the shingles intact.

We checked the correct attachment of the roof rafters to wood sheeting. According to the Downers Grove roofing company, during the removal of old roofing material most people forget to check for missing nails. We, therefore, re-nailed the wood decking prior to installing the new shingles to secure the roof fully.

  • Roof Surface Preparation for laying Shingles

Once the wood decking was installed correctly we installed drip edge all around the roof edges to prevent the rain water from getting beneath the roofing material.

Next we installed a special roofing underlayment shield against ice and water to prevent leaks. This material must be installed at the roof bottom and other areas such chimneys, flanges, and other roof penetrations.

Finally before laying the new shingles we installed a heavy duty roofing felt to cover the roof and prevent the wood and shingles from sticking.

  • Installing the new Roof

Having prepared the roofing surfaces adequately, we proceeded to layout the new roofing shingles.

  • Cleaning up the Site

We cleaned the site and got rid of all the old shingles and other roofing materials that were lying around.

  • Post roofing Inspection

After completing the whole roof replacement project, the contractor and I carried out a final inspection to ensure that the project was done correctly and my wife and I were truly satisfied. We eager for the next project, until next time!

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