Tips to give your roof a long life

Installing our new roof was a costly project, however, it cannot be avoided when the need arises. The role the roof plays in protecting our family as well as boosting the curb appeal and value of our home is critical. Since a new roof a huge investment, as  homeowners we must protect it.

Even if your roof has seen better days, you can keep in good condition, prolong its life and prevent premature replacement through proper maintenance.

We thought we should share these tips on how to keep your roof in top shape and extend its lifespan:

roof cleaning

Clean the Gutters

Clogged gutters can result in water overflowing the gutters leading to extensive damage to fascia boards, siding and foundation or cause the growth of mold. Water backing up in the gutters will leave the water with no other place to go besides up on the roof destroying the underlying sheathing and rafters damaging the roof. You will spend thousands of dollars in roof repairs or replacement to fix a problem you could have easily prevented by cleaning out your gutters. Grab a ladder and clear your gutter or hire someone

Clean leaves off your roof

When leaves fall from overhang branches onto your roof and pile up, they start to accumulate water which causes the shingles below to rot. The leaves normally collect along the roof valleys and around the chimneys. The leaves may look harmless but once they pile up and start absorbing moisture and decomposing they will cause the roofing underneath the shingles also to rot causing leaks.

Clean the leaves off your roof using a roof leaf rake, a blower if the leaves are dry, or a garden hose if the leaves have accumulated deep and wet. Do use pressure washers they might force water up the shingles.

Eliminate Moss

You will find most roof shingles in warm and humid areas covered with a black mold-like substance. This is actually blue-green algae, it looks ugly on your roof but is actually harmless. You can eliminate by spray washing with a solution of bleach and water.

Moss, on the other hand, can be very damaging to your roof. It accumulates moisture and water which causes the shingles to be constantly wet. This can lead to rotting of the shingles and the underlying wood. You must kill the moss and remove them before they cause your roof to leak, this can be very expensive to fix.

To kill the moss use potassium salt based products rather than the hazardous zinc sulfate formulas. Target the areas where the moss is growing and keep the chemicals away from the drain.

Prevent the growth of moss by installing zinc strips near the top of the roof. The runoff from the zinc strips will kill the moss. This much more environmentally friendly compared to lining the roof with pesticides.

Trim Dangerously Hanging Branches

Dangerously hanging tree branches can cause serious damage to your roof. According to long island tree services the branches can come in contact with your shingles and scratch or gouge them out especially during a storm. Rodents also use the overhang branches to access your roof and cause damage. Trimming the tree branches will keep rodents away and prevent roof damage. Hire a professional tree removal company to assess the trees around your property, trim and remove any dangerous lying trees.

Prevent Ice Dams

The winter season comes with a lot of snow which buildups on your roof. Ice dams which come as a result of snowmelt are your roof’s worst enemy. Without proper insulation ice dams will damage your roof and the interior as well. Ice dams normally form when the attic heats up and warms the roof making the snow melt.

The quick solution is to rake the snow off safely from the ground. Avoid shoveling or chiseling the ice dam away this is dangerous and could damage your roof. You can also cool down the attic using a box fan.

The solution is to properly insulate the living space and ensure there are vents between the sheathing and the insulation to take away any heat leakages.

We hope these tips will keep our roof and yours in top shape and ensure it lasts for a lifetime.

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