Transforming My Master Bedroom into a Master Suite


I finally decided to transform my master bedroom into a master suite. I have to confess after a vacation at the five-star hotel I needed to feel like was always on vacation. The master bedroom remodel was the perfect project to create the vacation mood.

Since my home a little old I needed to create additional space to expand and remodel the master bedroom. That meant extending the master bedroom into the adjacent bedroom. This would technically reduce the number of bedrooms in my house to two but I was willing to live with that. Merging the two bedrooms to create a master suite was the only option I had. I talked to a local contractor about and he came up with a design. The project required the demolition of a few walls, he recommended one demolition company and I managed to visit their website.

We stormed over a few ideas for remodeling the bathroom and how to make use of the extra space. The following are the ideas we came up with for the master bedroom remodel.

Personalizing the Space

After determining the exact size of the master suite, we had to think about how to utilize it perfectly. We all have our own ideas about luxury, but I wanted the ultimate master suite. Some people may want a gym, separate closet, dressing sections, walk-in showers. I knew exactly what I wanted, pure luxury large bed, a master bath combination of free-standing standing tub plus walk-in showers and everything else I had experienced at the five star hotel.

Timeless Remodel

We discussed with interior designer and we settled on a timeless remodel design for the master suite. A design that would stand the test of time. What I need was flow and comfort with seamless access transitions towards the master bath and the rest of the suite. We decided to create flexible spaces that could be transformed based on the circumstances.



The main highlight of the master suite project was the planning of the custom accessories for the remodel. I wanted everything as I had visualized at the five-star hotel. It was going to be the perfect honeymoon suite. My master suite would have a mini bar where I would enjoy some romantic dinner and wine. It would be complete without a fireplace. It was going to cost a fortune but that is the price I was willing to pay for pure luxury right at home.

This was a worthy investment for me. Every day I get to enjoy this never ending vacation in my master suite. A luxury master suite is exactly what I needed and my wife loves it!

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