What Renovations Improve Home Value The Most?

The real estate market is extremely competitive and to get a reasonable price for the sale of your house you need to do some renovation work that can in boost the value of your home. There are however, some renovations that will not add any value to your home and might actually make your less appealing to potential buyer. It is therefore extremely important to know which renovations are valuable and necessary. Here is brief but detailed rundown of some key renovations that will come in handy in increasing the value of your home so that you can appeal to potential buyers who are ready to spend generously.

Strategic Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations should be your priority if you are looking to increase the value of your home. This is because the kitchen is vital part of the home and families spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen. “Start with upgrading appliances to ensure every appliance in the upgraded kitchen is the latest stainless steel appliances and also install a new counter top that is made from the latest engineered stone or granite that is preferred by potential home owners. These changes may be simple but they actually go a long way in improving the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen space.” says real estate investing expert Terry Paranych. Other small detailed additions to the kitchen can also significantly boost the visual appeal of a kitchen; for instance replacing door knob on cabinets and putting new sparkling faucet for the kitchen sink can make a great change. Another great kitchen upgrade that you should consider is adding space to your kitchen by connecting the kitchen either to a den or living room. A spacious kitchen is great addition to any home.

Kitchen renovation

Revamping The Washroom Area

A crudely designed, cracked and dirty washroom area is an instant turn off to potential home buyers. On the other hand a well designed, eye catching and practical kitchen can make your home appeal to many potential buyers. Some great renovations that will make a great change include adding a window into the bathroom that can add light into the washroom area. An extra window may just be what you need to add natural light and create a feel of space into your washroom area. Other simple renovations such as glazing the bathtub and rather than a complete replacement are affordable and can improve the look of you bathroom significantly.

Consider Going Green

Green housing is a trend that is rapidly becoming popular for many potential home owners so consider making renovations that make your home greener. Such renovations include making your energy consumption in your home more efficient. You can easily do this by making small renovations like installing storm doors in every rooms and installing a ceiling fan in all rooms. Consult with a real estate agent and green renovation expert to come up with green renovation projects that can raise the value of your home.

Remodeling The Basement

Basement remodels boosts the value of your home because if executed flawlessly it can increase the usable square footage. Remodeling your basement will make it more spacious hence appealing to potential buyers who are looking for a spacious home that has functional basement space.

renovated basement

Consider Replacing Your Front Door

A front door is arguably the most used door in a home and hence it is extremely vulnerable to wear and tear. Since it is first thing that strikes the glance of a potential buyer and creates lasting impression it needs to be flawless in terms of functionality and visual appeal. It is advisable to go for a front door that is made from high-quality steel which curbs appeal and also creates an impression of safety. Simply replacing the front door can give a new feel to a home

Consider Investing in a Reliable Sprinkler System

Although some owners don’t want the hassle of maintaining a stunning and landscaped garden, you can be sure that every potential home owner is attracted to a beautiful lawn with green grass. Consider installing a sprinkler system that automatically turns on and off because this will allow the buyer to easily maintain a great lawn without too much effort.

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